If appropriately done, bathroom and kitchen improvements will increase your home’s worth the most. And much like a kitchen remodel, if you want to update your bathroom, you should think about its arrangement. You can think about doing away with the bathtub entirely if you’re short on space or want to make your bathroom future-proof.

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Reasons to Choose Showers Instead of Bathtubs

Showers provide a few additional benefits that shouldn’t be disregarded. There are some reasons to choose showers instead of bathtubs.

· Energy Efficiency

It would help if you thought about energy efficiency and how your new renovation will influence your monthly expenses while planning a remodel. Running a shower instead of a bathtub saves water. You can use seventy percent less water by using an energy-efficient shower head

· Design Attraction

View the most recent shower fittings. You may still enjoy the soothing spa atmosphere without feeling like you are missing out on soaking in the tub by using a massaging shower head or massage jets. Colored lights will enhance the calming environment and give your bathroom a “spa-like” appearance.

· Creating Space

Installing a shower instead of a bathtub makes sense if you have a small bathroom. You can add a storage cabinet or drawers and free up space to store towels or other bathroom essentials by removing the tub.

· Easy to Clean

Cleaning is easier if you choose a walk-in shower because you only need to clean the glass of the enclosure. It is more pleasant to wipe down a glass shower door than to bend over and scrape it.

· Installation

For a professional plumber, it is easier to install a shower than a bathtub. As a result, it will take less time to renovate your bathroom and get it up and running.

· Convenience for Family

While a bathtub is an excellent option for homes with young children it’s not a terrific idea for older adults and individuals with disabilities.

Another thing to consider is that running a hot tub takes longer than running the shower. People who are rushed could be impatient enough not to utilize a bathtub.


Showers can be a terrific way to conserve money and space. Installing a shower in a small bathroom can allow you to get clean without taking up a lot of room. A shower may give you the comfort and convenience you require, whether you want to take a soothing bath or shave your legs.

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