Shoe lovers can never have enough shoes. They keep buying as long as it makes them happy. Similarly, you can have as many boot styles as you want. Boots are not your everyday shoes, but they command attention once worn. Several stores sell boots from different brands in varying colors and designs, such as white knee high boots or black ankle boots. Some boots are worn based on the season, like winter, while others are perfect for all year round. This post dives into the various boot designs you should buy.

Available boot designs in the market

Some boot silhouettes have stood the test of time and are always fashionable. The styles are classic, and people wore them from way back. There are also current designs, but generally, every kind is worth having. They include;

1. Platform boot designs

It is one of the classic boot styles. It was a trendy look during the 80s all through the 90s and is still stylish to date. The platform gives you extra inches; therefore, it is suitable for people who hate the traditional heel. Heels can be uncomfortable and cause foot pain, so platforms are a suitable replacement. The heel can be super chunky or subtle, so you select the best fit.

2. Tall boots

They are popularly known as knee high boots. They are the perfect addition to your closet to complement your casual looks. They look good with almost every single piece of clothing imaginable. You can rock them with pants and shorts or skirts and dresses for a more polished look. Have Manufacturers make varying sizes considering people have different calf sizes. They can either be wide or slim to fit every person.

3. Over the knee boots

These boot designs are a must-have, especially for the cold season. Designers use stretchy materials to develop them. The material allows for flexibility of the knee joint while sitting or going up the stairs. You can scrunch some down to give a completely different look or keep them straight. Flat over the knee boots tone down your look, ideal for wearing during the day. High-heeled boots are the best to turn up your look for nighttime.

4. High heel boot designs

High because the heel is over 3 inches; these boots are the definition of sassy. The high stilettos may be uncomfortable, so you can opt for similar boots with a wedge or block heel. High-heeled boots are stylish and work well with skirts and dresses. You can also wear them with fitted jeans such that they go inside them.

5. Ankle boots

This boot style has existed for years. They come with a lace-up design, a side zip, or fully closed to slip in your foot from the top. Low-heeled ankle boots are suitable for daily errands. You can wear them with jeans or a sweater dress for a casual look. High-heeled ankle boots take your outfit a notch higher both during the day and night.


The boots above are the most popular among people. However, styles like combat, wedge, moto, and rain boots are also good choices. Let your outfit guide you on which kind of boot to choose. Additionally, the activities you do or events you want to attend determine your pick. Go for designs that enhance your style and make you feel beautiful.

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