An electric pressure washer offers an excellent solution to most yard and home requirements. But like any other equipment, its components play a crucial role in how effectively it will work. Furthermore, knowledge of the various parts can help you with replacement decisions. For instance, nozzle tips can easily wear out or be damaged. If you do not know which part it is, you can spend more by taking your machine to a repair shop. Thus, this post will inform you of the various pressure washer parts.

1. An electric pressure washer spray gun

A spray gun is a handheld device that helps spray water to a particular surface. It is a must-have for most equipment. The gun has a trigger that opens when you press on it. Then, the spring and water force pushes the ball away from the seat. The unloader will sense the water demand and then release water to the gun.

If your spray gun needs replacement, make sure that the replacement is compatible with the machine’s PSI rating and its other connectors.

2. Nozzle

There are four main nozzles; the 0-degrees, 15-degrees, 25-degrees, and 40 degrees. If you use the wrong nozzle type during your cleaning work, you can damage your furniture or peel paint from your car.

The nozzle works by increasing velocity and restricting flow, which increases the water spray force and cleaning power. You should always know which is perfect for a particular job when operating a nozzle. For instance, the 40-degrees nozzle is perfect for light cleaning jobs, while the 0-degree nozzle is perfect for jobs that require extremely high pressure.

3. An electric pressure washer pump

The pump is the machine’s heart; it cannot work without it. It ensures that water can flow in and out through the inlet and outlet valve efficiently. Furthermore, it has valves that prevent water backflow. The machine’s engine is responsible for driving the pump to generate enough pressure to convert a standard hose into a powerful water spraying tool.

4. Hose

You cannot complete your pressure washing jobs without a hose. A hose ensures that you can deliver water to whatever location you need. Furthermore, hoses are available in different lengths, but the most common is the 100ft.

Manufacturers usually make the pressure washer’s hose with durable materials. The durable materials ensure that the hose can sustain the high machine’s water pumping pressure. Furthermore, the hose can last for a long period without repair.

5. An electric pressure washer engine

An electric pressure washer cannot work without an engine. The engine helps your machine have the necessary pressure to complete your work. The more powerful one’s engine is, the higher the machine’s PSI and GPM.

In addition, tap water uses the engine’s pressure to accelerate the spray speed. Most manufacturers usually make the engines last up to 3000 hours. Furthermore, if you compare the engine to other parts, it is the most durable one.


Different electric pressure washer parts play an essential role in the machine’s efficiency. Furthermore, equipping yourself with knowledge of the different parts can help you if you need a repair. The above are only some of its basic parts.

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