What Can You Cook in an Air Fryer? 11 Our Favorite Air Fryer Recipes

What can you cook in an air fryer? Air fry is the healthiest way to cook. People know this fact very well; hence, the trend is shifting towards cooking in the air fryer.

That’s why,

This increasing trend has raised many questions. And people wonder about the dishes that can be cooked in an air fryer. So we are ready to tell you what can you cook in an air fryer?

What Can You Cook in an Air Fryer?

What Can You Cook in an air Fryer?

Let us explore this list for you.

Prepare the following dishes in an air fryer and inspire your family and friends.

1- Baked vegetables and fruits

Get ready to bake various vegetables and fruits in the air fryer, like, potatoes, onion, apple slices, pineapple, and various others. Ensure the crispy texture outside and juicy inside. Enjoy the fluffy texture with great relish.

2- Crispy bacon and pork chops

Say goodbye to the conventional frying methods and get ready bacon and pork chops with the retainment of good taste. Now, enjoy the golden-brown touch and juicy taste.

3- Fried chicken

If you like fried chicken then you should go for the air fryer. Get your fried chicken ready in this unit and ensure a good texture with a good look.

4- Cookies

Inspire your friends with the crispy texture and organic taste with the Best air fryer 2021. Get your chocolate chips ready and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

5- Donuts

Do you like desserts? Yes, you must have an air fryer. This unit gives you an easy way to get your donuts ready in a short time.

6- Chicken wings

White meat is the choice of multiple people. Cook the chicken wings in an air fryer and relish yourself with amazing texture and juicy taste.

7- Ravioli

Introduce the ravioli with the fir fryer as this machine fits best to maintain the crunchy texture and amazing golden touch. And, of course, taste, too.

8- Pumpkin seeds

Bake the pumpkin seeds with the air fryer and save the time. In contrast, the conventional method of cooking demands more time. Have an air fryer and inspire your family with instant cooking.

9- Boiled eggs

You can boil eggs by the air fryer.


Here is no need for water. Just put eggs in the fryer and let the eggs, half boil, or hard boil, according to your taste and breakfast habit.

10- Rolls

Have perfectly cooked rolls and a ensure balance between the perfect cooking and a nice crunch. Whether you are cooking egg rolls or the typical chicken or vegetable rolls, the air fryer ensures the quality every time.

11- French fries

Do you love French food? Get ready to eat very well-cooked French fries with the air fryer. Now, you don’t have to be worried about the oily touch. Because an air fryer works with very little oil. You can say that it might be 75% or even lesser.


The Air fryer uses hot air to cook the food by surrounding it from all sides. This technology has beaten the traditional deep frying cooking and made you have worry-free eating.

We have discussed what can you cook in an air fryer. These will surely help you to cook healthy and quickly.

Happy cooking!

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