How to Cook Fish in Air Fryer? Best Air Fryer Fish Recipes

How to cook fish in air fryer? White meat is almost loved by everyone. At the same time, people are diet-conscious as here is a greater trend towards obesity and other related diseases. They prefer food with less oil and minimum calories.

How to Cook Fish in Air Fryer

Think about it!

Fish has low calories. Now, there is an issue with oil. Here comes the use of the air fryer to give you perfect cooking with less oil. But, you should know how to cook fish in air fryer.

To answer this “HOW” we have written this post for you. After many trials of cooking and burning results, we have become able to write something good for you. We have tried our best to let you overcome the mistakes that are made by us.

How to Cook Fish in Air Fryer?

Cooking time

Whether you cook, boil fish, or it is loaded with batter the end result should be even cooking and crunchy texture with the maintenance of a good taste.

You are wondering,

How can you do this? You can achieve all these tasks by the perfect setting of the air fryer while cooking. Make sure to choose the timer of the air fryer at the level of its best. This selection depends upon the type of the air fryer you are using.

Cooking temperature

Some fishes need a higher temperature to be cooked and some demand lower temperatures. Have good practice over different kinds of fish and let the cooking at its perfection.

Fish type

The most important suggestion from us is that,

Don’t neglect the kind of fish.

The different cut has different criteria for cooking. Like, tuna and salmon demand longer cooking. On the other hand, tilapia and catfish demand lower temperatures. So the time does vary.


Select the setting according to the type of fish in question or use the preset setting feature if available. The preset is a feature in which all the settings are pre-installed for various foods. This is a good option for you if you have never used an air fryer.

In my opinion, if you have overcome this feature, you have won 50% of the cooking.

A free tip,

Try to keep an eye on the fish while it is cooking so you can skip its burning.

Additional oil

Skip the additional oil as the fish has natural oils in it. Try to use this suggestion; you will get a crisper and juicy finish.


Fish type, temperature, and time required for cooking matter a lot to get the fine results. Begin with the preset settings and then go step by step to the manual setting.

While using manual settings keep an eye on the temperature and time it is taking. Check the fish in the middle of frying and get updates about its condition.

This will save burning the fish and let you gain experience.

In short, cooking fish in an air fryer is not that difficult. It is, actually, the matter of experience and insight that you get with the passage of time.

Happy cooking with Best Air Fryer 2021!

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